Who We Are

Our Story

Hannah Peterson, the founder, is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in biology. She was a competitive figure skater for over a decade and has always had a love for the ice. The freedom of having a safe space where you can be creative and express emotions has always been a second home for me. After a family tragedy, I was drawn back to the ice where I have always felt comforted and able to clear my thoughts and create positive energy gliding along the ice. In the last few years in school, I have been involved with an organization where students meet with local autistic children several days a week for lunch.

I always enjoyed the time we spend together, but also found it somewhat challenging given the limited communication of some of the children. I related to the feeling of being unable to express my emotions and I resonated with these children who always had something to say, but couldn’t quite find the words to say it. How could I find a new way to help these children express themselves? I thought back to when I was on the ice and I knew I could provide an opportunity to have autistic children find their artistic voice through skating. I could create a new outlet for autistic children to express themselves and to find the joy I had always felt on the ice. I want to open new doors for self awareness and expression that would only empower children  to grow stronger and more confident. This was the beginning of SKATING SPEAKS!

Skating Speaks
Skating Speaks

A Platform to Bring Out the Artistic Voice

We aim at creating a new experience for autistic children by connecting them with the local figure skaters and coaches. Skating Speaks was born after a biology major from the Pennsylvania State University met the local autistic children and felt a need to do something more for them.

Skating Speaks

For Joy & Freedom

We create a safe environment for many verbal and non-verbal autistic children by offering them a platform to bring out their creative side. Skating rinks have become a source of joy and freedom for children as they can move around freely and have fun. Our organization seeks to provide autistic children with the same opportunities to find their freedom.