What We Do

Helping You Find Your Voice

At Skating Speaks, our goal is to gather funds for autistic children and to provide a safe, fun-filled environment. Our project Skating Speaks is focused on providing an opportunity for autistic children ice-skating. We’re connecting with various skating rinks for ice time and donations.

Skating Speaks

Our Goals

We aim to fundraise and provide autistic children with private ice time in a controlled, safe environment filled with fun and laughter through skating. We’re working with local skating rinks to provide donated or discounted private ice times to provide guidance and instruction.

We have a network of local skaters and coaches who would donate time to provide instruction and support. We connect through various resources, including social media, to spread the details of several skating events planned to local autism chapters.

Project Outline

Our project Skating Speaks is an opportunity to give autistic children a new voice through skating.

  • The founder was a member of the Skating Club of New York and part of their National team for several years. She has worked with many different coaches over the years in the New York and New Jersey areas. We will connect with various skating rinks for ice time along with former coaches will donate instruction.
  • Connect with local autism chapters to discuss timelines for skating rink events and meet and greets.
  • Create informative marketing material to show the benefits of ice skating.
  • Work with local social workers who are currently working with autistic children to provide insight and guidance.
  • Meet with local autistic parent groups to discuss their willingness to participate in the program.